Review: The Perfect Defective

The Perfect DefectiveThe Perfect Defective by Clark Casey


My rating: 2 of 5 stars


The Perfect Defective is a booze-fueled train wreck of a detective story. I couldn’t pull my attention away even though the plot doesn’t make much sense, the protagonist is a drunken misogynist jerk and the humor is pretty juvenile.


The Good: At least Casey’s protagonist knows he’s a drunken loser. He never gets anything right and has the nerve to make fun of his own loserdom. While juvenile, The Perfect Defective has some wit. There are a few laughs, or a whole lot of laughs depending on your taste in humor.


To the novel’s benefit, Jack Hannigan is a well fleshed out character. He’s rather offensive to pretty much everyone, but his character is interesting and engaging.


The Bad: The plot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The protagonist/narrator wanders around the novel’s landscape drunk and without much purpose other than procuring more booze and sex. At times it seems like The Perfect Defective is a poorly constructed delivery vehicle for some crude one-liners.


The Bottom LineThe Perfect Defective‘s sense of humor isn’t for everyone. It’s crude and offensive but sometimes funny. Reader beware.

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