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In My Mailbox is a meme from The Story Siren that any book blogger can join. 

A mother that disappeared without a trace, a sudden tragic death and then being forcibly uprooted from your home. That is what Zach, a thirteen year old boy endures when a ghostly girl kills his father. Being strong willed, Zach is determined not to leave his home in New Orleans until supernatural events occur that convince him to move in with his great aunt who lives on the grounds of a haunted plantation.
It is there that Zach encounters a Cajun boy that never grows old and a creature that changes his life forever. The furry hunchback creature stood two feet tall and wore a bright yellow vest. As it moved about on two webbed feet, it’s long scaly rat-like tail swished about. When it spoke through it’s orange colored buckteeth, it’s cat-like whiskers twitched. “Mooshka Kalina!” the creature shrilled in a high-pitched voice, “I’m not a rat, I’m a nutria, and my name is KEKAJU.” Kekaju convinces Zach that he has been chosen to help him conquer the last remaining evil Crocodile in Louisiana; who gained control of Kekaju’s home the Hidden Swamp.  
            Parallel worlds of wicked reptiles, animals, ghouls, angels and zombies form a supernatural mix that thrust Zach in the forefront of a battle between good and evil.

About the Author

Robert W. Sweeting was born and raised in Florida. He lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for several years. It is here that he fell in love with the mysteries of the swamp. He now resides on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where he writes and works. 

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