Atlas Abdicated Chapter 1

Atlas Abdicated: Chapter 1“John Galt is an asshole.”Eddie Willers could barely see the bum in the ebbing light. His face was hardly distinguishable. No expression marked the bum’s voice. Nothing. He said the words simply. But Eddie Willers could see the bum’s eyes. Those eyes mocked him. They intentionally addressed the uneasiness in Eddie’s mind.“Why did you say that?” Eddie asked, his voice filled with nervous tension.The bum leaned against an empty doorway, a broken pane of glass catching a glint of metallic sky behind him.“Why does it bother you?” he asked.

“It doesn’t,” Eddie snapped. He was trying to hide the nervousness in his voice.Eddie shoved his hand into his pocket, pulling out a dime and tossing it at the bum’s feet. Pleas for dimes were frequent these days. Eddie didn’t care to hear the bum’s story. They were all the same.“Go get your cup of coffee,” he said, thankfully beginning to forget the bum’s face.“I didn’t ask for your money. How about a real job with a fair wage?” The bum leaned forward from his doorway perch, steely eyes peering through Eddie over wire-rim glasses. The face was windblown, deep cuts of weariness and resignation ran across it.

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