Thursday: The 5k Experiment – 4/5/12

Armand Rosamilia


9:24 am – I awake, groggy, but Kim (who has school work before heading to class) has risen early and the coffee is already brewing. There is a God. Maybe.


9:39 am- Decide to start this little play-by-play routine list before actually jumping into a project. I can’t decide which one to start…


10:33 am – Despite way too many distractions (Kim needs help on her Critical Thinking paper, due today; the dog needs to go out and no one else can do it but me; the garbage needs to go out; people won’t stop talking in the living room) I manage 500 words of Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days with a prequel story about Steve ‘The Breeze’ Brack. If I can get a solid hour in I know I can catch up. Two and a half…

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