Today is the day, boys and girls… I’ve decided to NOT get up, immediately check my Amazon, B&N, SmashWords and Lulu sales while the coffee is brewing, catch up on my e-mails, facebook messages, facebook games, and all the other nonsense that burns an hour or two of my time every morning…

Instead, while you’re reading this I will be writing… and nothing else. Oh, and drinking coffee.

I can write 2,000 words on most days, even with the distractions, late start, and facebook games. So a 5k goal is do-able, and if it works (when it works, be positive!) I might just pick a certain day each week to do it, or string a few together, or every other day… who knows…

I guess I need to get through one first, right?

Wish me luck! If you e-mail or post today, I won’t see it until later… as soon…

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