Free Kindle Book of the Day

The Free Kindle Book of the Day is Confessions of a Las Vegas Motorcop by H. Justice. From the synopsis:

Product Description

Blondes in see-through dresses … revelers with an alcoholic beverage in their glove compartment … adventures in NASCAR racing … speeders who flip the bird to a motor trooper … it’s all in Vegas … BABY! Confessions of a Las Vegas MotorCop is an outrageous, fun, funny and entertaining romp through the experience of a NHP Motor Trooper. Everything you could ever imagine that is supposed to “stay in Vegas” comes pouring out in this incredible and often stunning confessional straight from the experiences of a Vegas motor cop. You will not be able to put this page-turner down, as you read stories from a stripper who lacks modesty to crazy criminals who flirt with gun play, and from just stupid people who do dumb things to off-road riders who lack common sense – all taking place in and around Vegas.


About the Author

H.D. Justice was born on the West Coast of the United States. Growing up, he always had a passion for law enforcement. When he was of age, he applied and was accepted to the Great State of Nevadas Highway Patrol academy and has spent all of his time since working in law enforcement. His passion for motorcycles soon led him to join the motor squad for the Nevada Highway Patrol and to help train other officers in police motor operations. He established lifelong bonds with his fellow officers and continues to work in the field of law enforcement.

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