Review: Green Lantern No Fear

Green Lantern, Vol. 1: No FearGreen Lantern, Vol. 1: No Fear by Geoff Johns

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Green Lantern: No Fear reintegrates Hal Jordan into his old life as a pilot and a green lantern. This volume follows a couple of story lines that jump around a little.


The Good: The artwork is fantastic. It’s colorful but not overdone. No Fear is a good place to jump into Green Lantern. It has plenty of backstory but not so much that a new reader has to know to get what is going on. The Black Hand story arc gives some interesting foreshadowing for the Blackest Night series.


The Bad: The man-hunter and shark story arcs aren’t that great. They don’t really go anywhere and the villains aren’t very interesting, although we do learn that the man-hunters have a boss.


Bottom Line: Green Lantern: No Fear isn’t the most exciting of the Green Lantern series, but it does the job of reintegrating Hal Jordan back into his old life and preparing for the Blackest night series.


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