Anne Bronte: A Short Biography

Compared to her sisters, Charlotte and Emily, relatively little is known about the life of Anne Brontë. Biographers used to rely heavily on comments Anne’s sister Charlotte made about her, but have since found her impressions to be biased and unreliable for the purpose of making a biography of Anne. Thus, her biography is mostly a rough outline of important dates and things pieced together from her own writings.


Anne was born in 1820 in Yorkshire. Her father was a curate. Anne was the youngest of the six Brontë children. Her two eldest sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, died in childhood. Anne’s mother also died when Anne was one year old. Her mother’s sister, Elizabeth Branwell, undertook raising the Brontë children and was particularly close to Anne.


Anne Brontë Served as a governess in two households-one of the few occupations open to poor educated women-and her experience provided a lot of the backdrop for her most famous novel: Agnes GreyAgnes Grey was published in 1847. Her second and final novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was published in 1848. 


Anne Brontë’s life was a short one. She died in 1849 just after her brother Branwell and before her sister Emily. Anne is buried in Scarborough. She was just 29 years old.


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