Free Kindle Book of the Day

The Free Kindle Book of the Day is Storm Surge (A Jonie Waters Mystery) by Tamara Ward. From the synopsis: 

Product Description

Storm Surge, A Jonie Waters Mystery is a cozy mystery set in Wilmington, NC. Defeating odds and ignoring well-meant advice is her specialty, so when fledgling reporter Jonie Waters follows a news tip and discovers her girlhood friend’s mangled body, nothing can dissuade her from setting out to find the murderer. 

Though Jonie attracts the suspicions of local police as she finds herself in the middle of other related crimes, she continues her investigation, risking her job, tentative family ties, and the chance of romance with the alluring lead investigator. 

**Now with bonus excerpt from Silver Flashing, A Jonie Waters Mystery – Book 2**


About the Author

Tamara Ward has always has enjoyed writing. In high school, she often cut class to deliver columns to local newspapers and was called into the principal’s office for interviewing teachers about how sports programs received more funding than academics, which resulted in an article that mysteriously never was published after she submitted it. Finally, while an undergraduate, Tamara received her first paid writing job as a sports reporter. Since then, she has held jobs incorporating writing and editing for the North Carolina Museum of Art, the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the North Carolina Department of Parks and Recreation, and the town of Holly Springs. Tamara’s writing has appeared in various magazines and newspapers, as well as in Windhover, the literary and visual arts journal of North Carolina State University, where she graduated in English with a minor in music. Today, her writing regularly appears in the Holly Springs Sun as she covers the town council beat. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Cape Fear River Watch. Tamara enjoys wrangling with her two young boys, writing as a freelance journalist, and working on her next Jonie Waters mystery novel. She can’t believe the trouble Jonie is in this time!

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