Emily Bronte: A Short Biography

Emily Brontë (1818-1849) may have lived a short life, but she wrote one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century and much acclaimed poetry. Wuthering Heights attests to her brilliance and ability to create complex characters and convey passionate emotions through her prose. Her only novel did not receive critical acclaim until after her death in 1849.


Emily Brontë was the fourth daughter of Irish clergyman Patrick Brontë. Her eldest sisters, Maria and Elizabeth died in their youth. Their mother, Maria, also died when Emily was young. Emily also had one surviving older sister, Charlotte (author of Jane Eyre) and one younger sister, Anne (author of Agnes Grey) and a brother Patrick “Branwell.” They lived together in Yorkshire.


The sisters often edited each others’ works and decided in 1846 to publish their poems together under pen-names. Emily published under the name Ellis Bell. Wuthering Heights was published the following year to mixed reviews. Some critics that it was too scandalous and vulgar.


Emily’s brother fell ill and died in 1848. Emily fell ill soon after and died 19 December 1848. Her remains are in the family vault in Yorkshire.


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