Ozma of Oz Review

Ozma Of Oz by L. Frank Baum

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Ozma of Oz is my favorite of the Oz series so far. The characters are strange, from the talking hen Billina to the wheelers and of course Tik-Tok. Dorothy Gale once again has an adventure through a strange land and sets out with her new friends to save the royal family of Ev from the Nome King, who has imprisoned them in his underground layer and turned them into ornaments to decorate his royal hall. Dorothy also gets to reunite with her old friends, the scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Corwardly Lion.


My favorite part of Ozma of Oz is the part in the Nome King’s layer and the puzzle Dorothy and her friends have to solve to free the royal family of Ev. I won’t give any spoilers, but I did enjoy that part.


Bottom Line: Ozma of Oz continues the Oz series and is the most enjoyable of the first three.


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